Aspen Heights

Aspen Heights is a lovely well maintained, small community that prides itself in safety for our tenants and a peaceful community that feels like your getting away from the hustle and bustle, yet is close to shopping, colleges, and hospitals. It is on a busline for commuters. We have our own community watch program that our tenants participate in and we watch out for one another. We are nestled in amongst the trees with professional landscaping that give us a feeling of coming home after a hard day at work where you can put your feet up and relax by the fireplace to unwind. If this is the type of scenario you are looking for than “Aspen Heights”, is the place for you. Our management team is friendly, and is more than glad to address your questions.

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(253) 759-4405

Aspen Heights Apts. 5822 N. 35th St Tacoma, Wa 98407

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